Chemical powder


Excellent Adaptability

In chemical industry application, our vibrating screen machine can adapt the various characteristics of chemical material, such as: Caking—In the process of running, the vibration could help to loose the material to pass the screen cloth.

FLOWABILITY— The vibration force and material motion track could be adjusted. For good flowability material, the screening time could be controlled to short. For low flowability material, we can add a few extra device (valve, feeding distributor, etc. ) to increase the screening time, then increase the rate of passing screen cloth.

ABRASIVENESS—For the strong abrasiveness material, we have optional thick diameter wire mesh and perforated plate sieve to extend the life of screen cloth.

CORROSIVENESS—The screen is usually made of grade SS304, while grade SS316L is also available against strong corrosiveness material. The screen frame is specially designed, so you can change the screen rapidly. The silicone bouncing balls are available for cleaning the screen continuously.

EXPLOSIVENESS—The explosion-proof vibrator motor is alternative for explosiveness material to protect your plant and staff.

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