Linear vibrating screen

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Our linear vibrating screen is another kind of multi-layer fine screening machinery with greater capacity.

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Linear Vibrating Screen

Our linear vibrating screen is another kind of multi-layer fine screening machinery with greater capacity. It could support 7 layers to use at most. Any dry material with a diameter of 0.074mm-20 mm could be handled. The maximum granule diameter should be less than 30 mm. It is widely used in quartz sand, limestone, dolomite milling production line. It provides a larger capacity for micro powder screening

The eccentric blocks driven by the motors could provide centrifugal force, whose component force moves forward along the linear direction. Thus the screen device supported by the spring suspension can move linearly. And the material on it moves forward straightly when tossed upward. When falls into the screen frame again, the material will move forward quickly and penetrate the screen in a fluffy state. Desirable screening performance can be achieved simply by choosing suitable screens for the linear vibrating screen.

Ease of operating.

Benefited by its simple structure, the operating also become very easy and convenient. The operator just need to fixed it well and connect with the suitable power. During the running, please make sure no hard matter touch it, and regularly check if any parts is loose.

Greater Capacity.

Material screening have been subdivided to several kinds. Compared with probability screening, the linear vibrating screen could be installed the fine screen cloth, so it could be used in crusher or milling production line to work for fine screening. Compared with rotary vibrating screen, it has a greater capacity.
The linear vibrating screen makes up the greater capacity requirement in fine screening field.

Low Maintenance Cost

Benefited from its simple design, besides the screen cloth, there is very few wearing parts on the machine. It does not need a high maintenance cost. It is also very helpful to reduce downtime and improve the productivity.

Equably Feeding System.

In order to make sure equable feeding, a feeding distributor is added at the inlet, which can help to distribute the material on the screen cloth. This device could reduce the rate of jamming or pegging to increase the efficiency of screening and passing. And it can also prevent the screen cloth from being damaged by too much material accumulation. User could freely control the feeding rate based on their requirement.


Besides the screening role, during running, the linear vibration motion could equably loose material to feed the downstream equipment. So the linear vibrating screen could be also used as a conveyor or feeder while screening.

Lower Working Noise Level.

Its bounce balls structure is without perforated steel. So there is no knocking noise in the processing of working. Its working noise is controlled at a lower level. In the long term, the operator do not need to bear the working noise, which safeguard staff’s healthy.

Customize Service

The machine dimension, Variable Voltage, mobile wheel and other Non-standard design could be customized according to user’s requirements.
The label service and OEM order are also available

Model Screening area (mm) Layer Mesh size(mm) Capacity (t/h) RPM Double amplitude (mm) Power (kw) Dimension(mm)
DZSF520 500×2000 1 2-200 0.05-5 960 6-7 2×0.4 2140×808×848
DZSF520-2 2 0.05-5 960 6-7 2×0.4 2199×808×878
DZSF520-3 3 0.03-5 960 4-6 2×0.4 2256×808×938
DZSF525 500×2500 1 0.06-8 960 5-7 2×0.4 2642×808×848
DZSF525-2 2 0.06-8 960 4-6 2×0.4 2699×808×878
DZSF525-3 3 0.06-8 960 6-8 2×0.75 2750×808×938
DZSF525-4 4 0.1-15 960 5-7 2×0.4 2813×808×1000
DZSF525-5 5 0.08-15 960 5-7 2×0.4 2883×808×1060
DZSF525-6 6 0.07-15 960 6-8 2×0.75 2953×808×1120
DZSF1020 1000×2000 1 0.12-20 960 6-8 2×0.75 2152×1320×900
DZSF1020-2 2 0.11-20 960 5-7 2×0.75 2219×1320×960
DZSF1020-3 1000×2000 3 2-200 0.10-2 960 5-7 2×0.75 2286×1320×1030
DZSF1020-4 4 0.07-15 960 4-8 2×0.75 2353×1320×1100
DZSF1020-5 5 0.07-15 960 4-8 2×1.5 2420×1320×1160
DZSF1020-6 6 0.07-15 960 4-8 2×1.5 2487×1320×1220
DZSF1025 1000×2500 1 0.1-15 960 5-7 2×0.4 2203×1320×900
DZSF1025-2 2 0.08-15 960 5-7 2×0.4 2269×1320×960
DZSF1025-1 3 0.07-15 960 6-8 2×0.75 2336×1320×1030
800×3000 1
0.1-20 960 6-8 2×0.75 3080×1098×1120
0.1-20 960 6-8 2×0.75 3140×1098×1180
0.1-20 960 6-8 2×1.5 3200×1098×1240
DZSF1030 1000×3000 1 0.1-20 960 6-8 2×0.75 3152×1340×1120
DZSF1030-2 2 0.1-20 960 6-8 2×1.5 3219×1340×1120
DZSF1030-3 3 0.1-20 960 6-8 2×1.5 3286×1340×1120
DZSF1224 1200×2400 1 0.1-23 960 6-8 2×0.75 2480×1520×1100
DZSF1224-2 2 0.1-23 960 6-8 2×0.75 2540×1520×1160
DZSF1224-3 3 0.1-23 960 6-8 2×1.5 2600×1520×1220

1.Raw Material inspection

Each batch of raw material will be tested by our quality inspection staff. The qualified material will be stored in our warehouse, while the unqualified material will be returned to the supplier. Accordingly, we will lower this supplier’s credit rating.

2.Processing Technic

When the production department receives a production plan, the workers will get corresponding materials from the warehouse. After the tests and initial processing, our skillful workers with years of working experience, can process highly precision plates, and the waste material is quite limited.

3.Component Production

Besides the skillful workers, our company also have 4 complete Component production line. Every component is processed with high quality standard.

4.Product assembly

When all the components are processed and tested, the assembling procedure will start. The whole assembling procedure is conducted according to the requirements specified in the productions plan.

5.Finished products test.

Before being packed and delivered to the clients, the finished products will be tested. During the tests, large vibrating screening machines will run continuously for 8 hours, and the small ones will run for 4 hours. The quality is judged by related parameters, sound, and vibration performance during the running.

6.Packing and shipping

For the package, we use fumigation-free plywood case that are up to the international standards. Comparing with natural wood, this kind of plywood is thicker, stronger, and more durable. Outside the cases, we use 0.5mm thick steel belt to further strengthen the package so that the products can reach our client safely.

High cost performance

Find sand screening has no strict requirement for the sanitation. User prefers to Full carbon steel material to control the cost. Low cost, great capacity and stable quality make the linear vibrating screen more suitable for fine sand screening. Customer just needs to pay least money to get best suitable machine.

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