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ZPS straight-flo separator is a high efficient impurity-removing screening and filtering equipment.

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ZPS straight-flo separator is a high efficient impurity-removing screening and filtering equipment. It is designed with 1 layer, and the lower discharge hole is at the center of machine, which aimed to higher efficiently removing impurity from material, then improve the product quality.

This separator is widely used in removing impurity of flour, sugar, spice, sanitary food application, medicine powder, chemical powder, solid-liquid separation, etc.

Compact Structural Design

The discharge hole of Straight-flo separator is under the machine, it adopts a compact structural design, which take less installation space. But its effective screening area is bigger, which make it have a larger capacity.

Greater Capacity

Single layer and straight-flo structure design make it more efficient for removing impurity and separating solid-liquid. The vibrator motor is installed separator’s side, transmission of vibration force is more directly, the rubber spring suspension allow more vibration to transmit directly to the surface of screen cloth, which make the material more easier and faster pass the screen cloth to increase capacity.

Removing Impurity

Compared with other sieve machine, the straight-flo separator have more advantage at discharge rate. The oversize and undersize could be discharged faster. It aims to removing impurity to increase the qualification rate and improve product quality.

Rapid Replacing Screen Cloth.

The rotary vibrating screen adopts a very simple design to tension and install screen cloth, it is very easy to replace. Two staff could finish replacing in 10 minutes, which reduce the downtime and increase the productive efficiency

Sanitary production line

Connected with silicon soft hose to use, it can realize full-sealing working. No dust, no float powder, no liquid splashing, it is very suitable for sanitary production line, dust-free workshop, and also very helpful to safeguard your staff healthy and product quality.

Easy mobility

Four nylon mobile wheel is mounted at the basement of this separator.The user could move it safely and easily to ideal location, without using any other extra equipment and tool, which is a convenient and practical feature.

Model ZPS- 500 ZPS- 600 ZPS- 800 ZPS- 1000 ZPS- 1200 ZPS- 1500 ZPS- 1800 ZPS- 2000
Diameter (mm) 500 600 800 970 1170 1470 1770 1970
Screen Dia(mm) φ430 φ530 φ730 φ900 φ1100 φ1400 φ1700 φ1900
Layer 1
;Mesh ;Size(mm) 0.025-20
Vibration Time(rpm) 1440
Feeding size(mm) <20 <20 <30 <30 <50 <50 <50 <50
Power (kw) 0.12 0.18 0.36 0.5 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5





H1 H2 H h1 h2 L A B C D
ZPS-800 800 200 200 120 540 150 800 120 120 540 707 847 500 600
ZPS-1000 970 300 300 150 430 130 750 130 120 690 900 1040 636 736
ZPS-1200 1170 300 300 180 580 160 900 150 140 790 1100 1244 780 880
ZPS-1500 1470 300 300 180 720 200 1100 160 140 930 1360 1530 960 1080
ZPS-1800 1770 400 400 200 800 200 1220 200 180 1100 1697 1895 1200 1340

1.Raw Material inspection

Each batch of raw material will be tested by our quality inspection staff. The qualified material will be stored in our warehouse, while the unqualified material will be returned to the supplier. Accordingly, we will lower this supplier’s credit rating.

2.Processing Technic

When the production department receives a production plan, the workers will get corresponding materials from the warehouse. After the tests and initial processing, our skillful workers with years of working experience, can process highly precision plates, and the waste material is quite limited.

3.Component Production

Besides the skillful workers, our company also have 4 complete Component production line. Every component is processed with high quality standard.

4.Product assembly

When all the components are processed and tested, the assembling procedure will start. The whole assembling procedure is conducted according to the requirements specified in the productions plan.

5.Finished products test.

Before being packed and delivered to the clients, the finished products will be tested. During the tests, large vibrating screening machines will run continuously for 8 hours, and the small ones will run for 4 hours. The quality is judged by related parameters, sound, and vibration performance during the running.

6.Packing and shipping

For the package, we use fumigation-free plywood case that are up to the international standards. Comparing with natural wood, this kind of plywood is thicker, stronger, and more durable. Outside the cases, we use 0.5mm thick steel belt to further strengthen the package so that the products can reach our client safely.

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